CHAILE CHAPLIN: The Man Who Changed the World Without Saying a Word

By:Christen Davis
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The Opening Credits

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England 1889. His mother's name was Hannah Chaplin (or Lily Harley which was her stage name) and his father's name was Charles Chaplin Senior. He also had brothers named Wheeler and Sidney.
Chaplin didn't have the best childhood as a child would have nowadays. With his mother going in and out of mental hospitals, and his father drunk most of the time, the children were the ones who had to try and survive. At age 10, his father died and right then, Chaplin knew that he was going to have to become independent and fend for himself. After his father's death, Chaplin and his half brother Sidney started to work in a workhouse to try and make money for the family. Even thought their mother knew of the unsafe conditions in the workhouses, their family needed money to survive. Being cautious of the unsafe conditions of the workhouse, Chaplin decided tp join a tap dancing group called "The Eight Lancashire Lads". He started to become famous for his outstanding tap dancing.

The Set (Background of the 1930s)

The world of entertainment seemed to be tearing at the seems. The creation of sound films made the movie industry popular. With the Great Depression going on, "Comedies, gangster movies, and musicals helped people forget their troubles" ('Art and Entertainment During the 1930s' paragraph 2). Entertainment and acting was the emplyment of many people during the 1930s. However due to the Depression, many were unemployed, singing on the streets to make a little money. Although many were unemployed, many had thriving jobs in the music and theatre business like Duke Ellington, a famous musician/singer. For Chaarting out was not easy. As for most people, he had to undergo the pressure and criticsm of making these films and being a beginner in the cinema. Although there were some rough times, he became very successful. His success came from his laughter, his determination, and passion toward the cinema. The Great Depression could never stop him from proceeding with his dreams.

The Inspiration to the Movie (Background)

Around the age of 12, he got his first chance to star in a movie as a page boy names "Billy". He was a hit by American audiences and was offered a contract. After his contract expired, "Chaplin decided to become an independent producer in a desire for more freedom and greater leisure in making his movies" ('Overview of his Life' paragraph 9). This freedom created something new for Chaplin. Making movies became his profession. Perfection was the key to making his movies a complete success.From the start, his career in entertainment sparked.Like a star, Chaplin started to ignite his career in the entertainment world.

How the Movie was Created (Health and Social Education)

His decision to make silent films was ordinary. But his decision to make them when their popularity had depleated, was incredible. Even though the silent era decayed, “Chaplin took a great risk in making an essentially speechless film so many years removed from the end of the silent era(Vance 219). During the 1930s, the Great Depression took its toll on everyone. But for the fortunate few, it was the start they needed to become famous. Chaplin took this Depression as an advantage and created films based upon them and starred in them as the famous character of the "Tramp". Finally, he started to catch up to the world of the cinema. Chaplin “… played the Tramp… in his first two sound films, ‘City Lights’ (1931) and ‘Modern Times’ (1936)” (Skylar 376). In all of his films“He continued to create laughter, but he also seemed to be commenting on why the world of respectability and authority offered so little to the human soul” (‘City Lights’ 376).

He's Such a Tramp (Connection to an IB trait)

Chaplin was a huge risk taker with taking the risk of creating silent films and entering the entertainment world in the first place. The Great Depression left people's dreams of becoming an actor, actress, director, or a famous singer crushed. Many people gave up in search for achieving these dreams but Chaplin was determined that he would not end up wishing for his dream of creating movies die out. He is an inspiration to us all. He was living proof that the impossible is possible with a little faith and perserverance.

Now Owned On DVD (Connection to Present Day)

In the present of 2013, technology has become a necessity in every human life on this earth. It has helped people with businesses, transportation, entertainment, health issues, economy, and the present problems. In the film industry, 3-D and special effects has been created to enhance the quality of movies everywhere. If it was not for Chaplin, the world would have never discovered that laughter was a true remedy for the soul and how laughter brings the world together as one. Based upon my own experience, I had never really known who Chaplin was. All I knew was that Charlie Chaplin was the funny guy wearing the bigs shoes and the bowler hat. This is how many people knew him. But after I had completed research on Chaplin, I realized how much of an impact he created on the world around me. Now many people don't recognize him by his name, but by the way he presented himself. He is a true inspiration for us all and he is proof that no one should give up until their dreams have been reached.

Speech from "The Great Dictator" (1940).

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