Welcome to the MYP English 8 Wikipages on the milieu of To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

Introduction to WIKI: This WIKI can be viewed by anyone, but it can only be edited by members of the MYP English 8 Wiki group. Each group, which consists of two or more students, has been assigned a topic for the milieu of To Kill a Mockingbird. Each student will create a Wiki with his/her partner from the other MYP English 8 classes. The purpose of this task is to showcase your 21st century skills and intrigue other 8th graders who will view your Wiki.

  • First, visit "A Sample Page for Students," and examine content and layout of the page. This was created by my students. :)
  • Start your WIKI space by creating an interesting title related to your topic and adding the creator's names.
  • Make sure to clearly identify each item/section you contribute. Use highlighting, different font colors, or labels to clarify.
  • Include background information on your topic(s). Use acceptable print and non-print sources (.edu, .org, .gov preferably), and cite accordingly using internal citations.
  • Find visual media (pictures, video, and sound) to enhance your page. Use acceptable non-print sources (.edu, .org, .gov preferably), and cite accordingly using internal citations.
  • Show how the topic connects to current or other historical events (to world), other pieces of literature (text to text), or you personally (to self). Create a link from your topic page to another WIKI topic page and an outside web source.
  • Tie your topic(s) to Health and Social Education. Here is a link to IBO for further clarification: http://www.ibo.org/myp/curriculum/interaction/health/
  • Tie your topic(s) to at least one IB Learner Profile Trait. Here is a link to IBO for further clarification: http://www.ibo.org/programmes/profile/
  • Edit your page for spelling, grammar, mechanics, and page layout/organization.
  • Provide a Works Cited page that includes all sources used. This should match your internal citations and ensure you do not plagiarize.
  • View at least 6 other TKAM milieu pages, and provide positive feedback through the discussion thread, starting with the ones with no positive feedback yet. :) Label the subject line of this message "positive feedback" so that the other students andI can see it easily.


Names: Assignment: TKAM WIKI

AOI: Health and Social Education

Criterion A:

  • Perceptive understanding of H&S Ed, milieu, IB LP, internal citations, and WC page
  • Consistently displays illustrative detail through quotes, citations, WC page, print and non-print sources
  • High degree of imagination and sensitivity of print and non-print sources, text, author, and milieu
  • Sophisticated analysis of text, H&S ed, milieu, & IB LP
  • Good understanding of the topic
  • Substantial detail
  • Substantial degree of imagination and sensitivity
  • Demonstration of good appreciation
  • Sufficient understanding of the topic.
  • Adequate detail
  • A degree of imagination and sensitivity
  • Demonstrates an awareness
  • Limited understanding of the topic
  • Insufficient detail
  • Limited imagination and sensitivity
  • Sometimes demonstrates an awareness
  • Very limited understanding of the topic
  • Lacks detail
  • Does not reflect imagination and sensitivity
  • Demonstrates little to no awareness

Criterion B:

  • Consistently well organized, clear and coherent intro, body (quotes and citations), and conclusion
  • Effectively develops transitions within and between paragraphs and topics and between print and visual sources
  • Usually well organized, clear and coherent
  • Helps develop ideas through transitions
  • Basically organized, clear and coherent
  • Apparent transitions
  • Shows beginnings of organization, but lacks logical order
  • Weak transitions
  • Generally disorganized
  • Very Weak transitions

Criterion C:
Style and Language Usage

  • Always appropriate formal language
  • Greatly varied word choice and sentence structure
  • Very infrequent errors in spelling, grammar, and FWGs
  • Peer feedback is specific and positive
  • Appropriate
  • Varied
  • Occasional errors
  • Rarely hinder communication
  • Usually appropriate
  • Generally varied
  • Some errors
  • Sometimes hinder communication
  • Sometimes inappropriate
  • Somewhat varied
  • Regular errors
  • Hinder communication
  • Often inappropriate and limited
  • Very frequent errors
  • Persistently hinder communication

Rubric ConversionMYP Score: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
VBCPS Score: 102 96 91 87 81 78 74 72 69 60 0